Children and babies are most susceptible to ear infections to the dismay of mom and dad. Ear infections are painful and so often parents don’t know what’s wrong with their little one in order to get them help. An ear infection has man signs and symptoms, however, and as one of the most common conditions that little ones will experience, it is important that you are aware of these details.

What is an Ear Infection?

An ear infection is a bacterial infection that affects the inner, the outer, or the middle ear. The ear infection can occur in one or both ears and may affect one or more areas of the ear. Middle ear infections are most common. Although an ear infection is not considered serious, it is certainly painful for the child and parents want to get ear infection treatment lynchburg va as soon as possible. Ear infections cause inflammation and fluid buildup in the ear, which can make it difficult for the child to hear on top of experiencing pain.

Signs of an Ear Infection

Many signs of an ear infection point to trouble. If your child displays any of these signs, it is probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with their pediatrician. There are antibiotics and other treatments that can help clear up the infection and reduce or stop the pain that your child feels. Signs of an ear infection vary according to the area of the ear that is infected, but include:

·    Discharge from the ear

·    Itchy ear

·    Hearing loss

·    Earache

·    Headache

·    Dizziness

·    Nausea

·    Fever

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·    Ringing in the ears

·    Impaired hearing

·    Pulling at the ears

·    Irritability/crying

·    Loss of appetite

Your child’s ear infection may clear up on its own. Many of these infections do. However, if your child exhibits painful symptoms or if the symptoms do not clear within a day, it’s a good idea to call the pediatrician.