Most people have some ideas about the differences between men’s and women’s clothes – besides the obvious that is! The world is generally organized toward the average man. Seat belts in cars, for example, are all about the average man which means they result in injuries for women who are less than 5’5″ tall.

This carries through into all sorts of uniforms and standard wear even into the realms of scrubs and lab coats. This is not about good looks or lines that show off your legs. This comes down to sheer practically for women who are involved in an extremely physical job.

best lab coats for female doctors

Lab coats are a little like magic cloaks, they give the wearer an immediate credibility. The best lab coats for female doctors deliver the same levels of credibility but they have a few differences which set them apart from the men’s coats.

One of the first things is the position of the pockets. People stuff things into their pockets – when the pockets are placed where they are comfortable for men, they can end up putting unnecessary stress on women’s bodies, resulting in backache and neck ache.

Moving the pockets to a position where they are comfortable for the length of women’s arms and distribute the weight in a better way means that a women’s lab coat is comfier to wear for a long time and also is more accessible than a pocket which is too low or too high.

Women constitute roughly 50% of the population and in real terms contribute about the same level of buying power. It’s fair to assume in this day and age there will be as many women needing a lab coat as there are men. It is about time there was one which is comfortable.